“Jason is the best! He not only has the gift of drawing & painting people but has the gift of capturing each & every persons personality in his art! If you are looking for art that comes to life each & every time you look at it & share it then you need not look any further! Jason Anhorn is your artist!” – Tonya O.

The Bridal Shoppe Thank you Jason! You are amazingly talented!!
Hi Jason,
I’m not sure if you remember me, but my name is Patti and I work with Children’s Miracle Network / Ministry Health Care in Marshfield.  A few years ago I hired you for several events including Children’s Miracle Network and McMillan Fire Department to do some of your caricature work.  You were awesome.  I still have your card and was hoping you were still in the business.  I would like to get a caricature done of my boyfriend who is a chainsaw carver.  I was thinking of a caricature of him with a chainsaw in one hand and a paintbrush in the other.  If I send you some pictures of him, can you do that and how much would you charge?  Thanks so much!!!!
Patti Shafto-Carlson
I received the drawings and they look awesome!!!  Thanks again for doing them for me.  Thank you, we love it!
Hi Jason:

Thank YOU –  I am so glad you were available!   Your work is amazing – we will definitely have you back.
Hi Jason
We got our picture today and it is wonderful you out did yourself really.
Thank you we are still trying to decide what to put in the inside

Hi Jason,
The senior parents met last week and confirmed having you be at Hilltop at UWEC from 1 a.m. until 5 a.m. on the 28th of May. If you could send me a contract, that would be great. Thank you so much for doing this again for us. Looking forward to the event. Have a great day. Kathy

Shannon Surly Jensen
Are you coming to Evansdale or Waterloo this year? I’m jonesing for my new caricature! 😀
Like · · April 8 at 12:10am near Waterloo, IA

Connie Frank Smith
you did a great job on the caricatures you drew of my kids at the mall they had a blast thank you
Like · · December 2, 2012 at 11:02pm

Nicole Arends
Are you at my waterloo days this year?? Thats the only way my family is going.
Like · · June 1, 2012 at 8:33am near Waterloo, IA

Cara Collins
February 1
Cara Collins

Hello. I had spoke with you back at the bridal fair last year at the heyde center. we discussed caricatures for my wedding and you took my info, but I hadn’t heard anything. Sorry for the delay, I just came across your card. Are you still available for May 18th?

Ann Marie Neville We love ours! Both of them!
Unlike · Reply · 1 · April 7 at 5:14pm via mobile

Kristin Burlingame
Hi Jason
A couple years ago you drew characatures in Black River Falls for my daughters bday party. We are now living in hatfield and own a resort there. I was wondering if you would be interested in doing some T Shirt concepts? We were looking for humorous cartoonish type. We have a Tiki Bar so there could be lots of fun ideas. Let me know your thoughts.

Cheryl Voss

Hi Jason, I am putting together an art event in September 2013 in Harvard, IL, not far from Lake Geneva, WI. We are interested in finding out more about your caricatures.
Thanks, Cheryl

Chelsea Higley
Do you have October 27th available?
Like · · August 16, 2012 at 12:41pm

Friday, July 27, 2012
6:00pm until 9:00pm
Join us for another Art Show at Saylon Seven!

“Unique Habits” 3D art by local artists:

Jason Anhorn
Brad Knaack
Keith Kohrs
Tanara Schweisthal
Paul Brehm

Matt Hoffman Weau
Hi Jason, I’m with WEAU and want to do a story about how you are painting a mural up in Ladysmith. Hoping to do this story today so if you could give me a call as soon as you can that would be great. Thanks!
June 4, 2012 at 10:26am

Mariah Ableidinger posted to Art By Jason Anhorn
December 16, 2010
wanted to say thank u so much its was the best

Ci Ab

This will be for TV10, it’s shown on campus as well as YouTube. I would love to do Wednesday but what time? I need time to edit the video but we also could do a caricature drawing instead tomorrow and then I could meet up with you on Wednesday for sculpting? it’s because our show airs on Wednesday at 8pm. I would love to do both.

Tiffany Coggins

Hi Jason,

My name is Tiffany Coggins. I’m a journalism student at UWEC. I’m a reporter for both WUEC-FM and Inside Eau Claire,the journalism capstone class. I’d love to interview you and Steve about your snow sculpting win.

You can contact me on Facebook or by phone if you’re interested.



January 27
Maryann Gumness

Hey Jason – Tell Steve and to yourself – thank you for coming to the school – the students loved it and it was a great base for the new semester! I will contact you again when in need – I will ask the prom committee if this is something they would like! Thanks again!
Jason Anhorn

Thank you very much for having us in your classroom. I remember when I was in high school and we had visiting artists, it really made an impact on me and I hope we were able to make an impact on your students.
Be well,

Conversation started November 9, 2012
Katy Mankamyer Phillips

Hi Jason,
I hope you remember me – East Hill neighbor. I work with Wisconsin Farmers Union and we’re having our annual convention in EC, January 25-27. We have a good program and are looking for some more fun things for our members/guests. Was wondering if you might be willing to do caricatures on Friday and Sat night (9-11pm)? We’re thinking $500. Is this something you’d be interested in doing? Let me know!

January 7
Spusta Studio

Hey sir, thanks for reaching out. Nice seahorse, the caricatures look great….especially the musicians on that sign. Still tag-teaming with Bateman I see….

keep on creating…..maybe I’ll run into you in E.C. sometime

Conversation started June 4, 2012
Keith Kohrs

Hi Jason. My name is Keith Kohrs. My wife and I own Saylon Seven & we like to have art shows every few months. Our next one is coming up in July. would you be interested in showing or creating some artwork for this event? The title of the show is “unique habits”

Conversation started March 8, 2012
Nickolas Lawson

Hey, I was thinking about having you do either a sketch or caricature of Laura and me for our wedding. We wanted something big enough to have all of our guests at our wedding reception be able to sign it as a “guest book”, we had thought about possibly having it as a caricature but not with too over exaggerated features of us together on the top of an image of a wedding cake. Let me know if you think you would have time to do this, our wedding is June 8, 2012.

Steve Brodner

Very thoughtful note Jason. Glad the work still reads after all this time. Reagan wasn’t easy. Everybody (almost) loved him. Like so much in politics we find out the truth too late and are still paying for Reagan and then Bush. When Reagan began to lose popularity my career took off. Figures. Thanks! Hi to your class.

Nicholas Fennel

we will be there at 9 and start setting up. Bewilderbeest starts at 10 and we start at 11. So, I think you should set up around nine with us so we know about stage setup and how it is going to work. the drummer from the first band is left handed so we have to change out drum kits between sets so it is going to be a little crazy….. This is awesome!

One thought on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Hi Jason, just want you to know how much I loved the caricature you drew of my pet tortoise Elmer at the St. Louis County Fair in MN…I put it on his website and all his fans loved it, too! Please visit us at elmerthetortoise.com and say “HI”!!! Thanks again!!! LuAnn…AKA Elmer’s Mom

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