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I was honored to be a judge for the Spring Art Show at the Heyde Center in Chippewa Falls, WI

Rogers, Huebler, Griffin take art show’s top awards

By THE HERALD | Posted: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 2:30 pm

Awards for the 46th annual Spring Art Show were given out during the opening day reception on Sunday at the Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls.

Judges for the Herald awards and the CVCA honorable mentions were Herald reporter Candice White, Eau Claire artist Jason Anhorn, and Stillson Elementary art teacher Joel Hanson.

Chippewa Herald awards

The first-place Holly Meier Award and $100 went to Erin Griffin of Eau Claire for her charcoal drawing, “Joe’s Cup.”

“This charcoal shows viewers a common everyday object from a unique viewpoint,” judges commented. “The interplay of light with subject matter creates lines that draws the viewer’s attention, in a remarkable way, around the drawing. The composition has unity, moving the eye in a circular path that moves inward and ends at a radiant explosion of light. The monochromatic scheme was the perfect choice for this particular piece. Her masterful execution of the particular technique was evident in the strokes. We also appreciated the contrasting shadows and complementary reflections.”

The second place Hugh Mandelert Award and $75 went to Sally Rogers of Menomonie for her watercolor “It’s the Hat.”

“This is a great example of watercolor,” judges commented. “The artist demonstrates a professional level of execution with the thick to thin application of paint. She is very sure of her deliberate strokes while finding a delicate balance between the white of the paper and the opacity of the pigment. The interaction between warm and cool colors is a delight to the eye and the portrait itself is stunningly lifelike. The fact that the subject is looking away adds to the invitation for the viewer to take a closer look. Artists must remember that watercolor can work well without covering the entire surface with paint.”

The third-place Beryl Ouimette Award and $50 went to Erik Huebler of Chippewa Falls for his photograph, “Little Miss Muffet.”

“This photo was expertly rendered,” judges commented. “The artist definitely had a vision, and must have been very patient with the subject — a live crab spider — to get precisely the focal range in the exact necessary location for clarity of the eyes and the mouthparts. The petals of the flower the spider is perched upon ends up reminding us of the legs of the spider itself, the way they reach upward toward the sky. The rich and deep blue coloration of the flower contrasts nicely with the spider itself.”

Honorable mentions

An honorable mention and a $25 CVCA gift certificate were given to Priscillamae Olson for her watercolor, “Through It All.”

“This watercolor is an aesthetic re-creation of color, three-dimensional space and natural beauty,” judges commented. “It has a linear quality that moves the eye around to many points of interest. The attention to detail is evident in the stems and leaf edges, as colors emerge in unusual ways. We also appreciated how she recreated the insect chews and little tears on the leaf edges, rather than simply drawing them leaves whole and unadulterated. The aerial perspective is an effective backdrop for an overall stunning portrayal of the roses.”

An honorable mention and a $25 CVCA gift certificate were given to Frederick B. Shiffer of Menomonie for his lacquer on canvas, “Reflective Surfaces.”

“This airbrushed painting on canvas represents the artist’s interest —  and success —  in capturing  reflective surfaces,” judges commented. “The application of paint is lush and inviting. At first glance the subject may seem boring, but the mysterious reflections in the hubcap hold the viewer’s interest and draws you in for a closer look. There is a juxtaposition between the rich, soft colors of the red fabric and the cold hard surface of metal.  The artist has given great attention to capturing highlights and shadows in a realistic fashion. You can almost see yourself in the reflections.”

An honorable mention and a $25 CVCA gift certificate were given to C.J. Conner of Chetek for her acrylic on canvas “The Lost Bobber.”

“This depiction of a pondside scene makes us think we’re actually looking down at the real edge of a pond,” judges commented. “The artist confesses she enjoys insect identification, and indeed she has done her homework. You’ll notice some new detail — and sometimes a mysterious image below the surface — each time you look at it. We appreciated how she chose non-traditional subject matter — right down to the molting crayfish sliding out of his skin and mating damselflies painted in their true colors. It makes you wonder about what each of the creatures is doing in their own small lives. The artist’s rendition of murky water was spectacular enough to believe you should be able to reach right through it and discover the hazy shapes underneath. The circular shape of the pond’s edge effectively draws the eye upward, ending with the splotch of color in the fall leaves near the top.”

Hugh Mandelert Art Society student scholarship

Sarah Markgren of Osseo was chosen by members of the Hugh Mandelert Art Society to receive this year’s $50 Hugh Mandelert scholarship.

People’s Choice Award

The recipient of the People’s Choice Award will be announced after the show’s closing and all the votes (made by those attending the show) have been counted.

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